Convite: Seminários PGCST (07/11/2017): Human Environments in a Changing World

Seminarios PG-CST

Data: 07/11/2017 – terça-feira
Local: Auditório Lambda– Prédio Lambda – INPE/SJC
Horário: 15h00min

Palestrante: Lincoln Muniz Alves, CCST/INPE
Title:  Human Environments in a Changing World

Abstract: Modern pluralistic societies face many challenges; relative to this, over 40 practitioners from scientific fields, academia, the private sector, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organisations representing over 30 countries were brought together at the fourth Potsdam Summer School to discuss “Human Environments in a Changing World”. The aim was to discuss frontier research questions concerning future sustainable development, including climate change, cities, and the challenges of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange between science, policy makers and society. One major outcome of the discussions that took place over this ten-day event is the Manifesto of the Participants, which highlights the value of living in a society which can foster innovation and sustainable development. Sustainability as well as health and prosperity for all can only be achieved by taking into account governance and climate change, sustainable science, systemic risk management, sustainable energy, cities and air quality. Key recommendations for the achievement of these goals are detailed in the manifesto and will be presented during the seminar.